Dujardin NV

Dujardin NV, in Koolskamp, has been a leading supplier for more than 30 years in the storage of vegetables, herbs, ingredients and ready-to-eat dishes. Isocab Construct developed and installed a new-build freezer chamber 77m by 60 m by 15 m.


HesbayeFrost called on the expertise of Isocab Construct for a monumental assignment: a structure of 117 m by 110 m by 34 m – a high-rise freezer storage unit with integrated shipping area.


Condigel, a foreign client with a branch in Le Havre, focuses on efficient solutions for food logistics. Thanks to the collaboration with Isocab Construct, they are taking yet another big step forwards.

Clarebout Potatoes

For Clarebout Potatoes, a well known food products company, Isocab Construct very recently developed a customized complex high-rise structure.


A few years after the first one, Stockhabo (located in Moeskroen) will once again employ the services of Isocab Construct for a second construction project. Recently, a new freezing warehouse was completed. Isocab Construct will also build an adjacent expedition space.  


Dardico, a Portuguese division of Groep D’Arta, which, in turn, has been a partner of Isocab Construct for years, called on us in August to install a freezer storage unit of 80 m by 70 m by 18 m in Avis, Portugal.